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Astrology readings with Ray Castle:

Natal charts | More about Astrology

The HOROSCOPE is an ARCHETYPAL MAP revealing traits of CHARACTER life path potential, personality and PSYCHOLOGY.

Astrologer - Ray Castle - with 30 years experience, gives detailed insight into your personality, illuminating your natural talents as well as challenging issues.

You will see clearly the multi dimensions of your personality and emotional make up.

Forecast transit/progression/solar returns reveal future cycles, future events, relationship dynamics and inner psycological phases.

Two forms of session are offered:

Readings in person:

  • Initial contact by phone and email with questions and answers.
  • Followed by a session up to 90 minutes, in person, at a mutually arranged location.
  • The reading is recorded onto tape.
  • A printed natal chart and copies of chart data are provided on CD.
  • Charts are hi-resolution colour, and include your natal birth chart, progressed, solar return and transit dates for a year. Also includes Astro-Cartography maps.
  • In English only.

    Price ¥23,000

Recorded readings

  • Contact by phone or email with questions and answers.
  • A reading and copies of chart data are provided on CD and sent by post. Also includes Astro-Cartography maps.
  • Further feedback and response by phone or email available.
  • In English or English and Japanese.

    Price ¥23,000

    Each reading is unique, addressing your specific needs and issues:

  • an analysis of the planets, signs, aspects and elements in your natal chart.
  • your basic psychological type – strengths and weaknesses
  • relationship patterns and dynamics.
  • health and vocational calling, work and career.
  • self knowledge and insight into your true purpose and potential through an understanding of the symbolism of your birth chart.
  • archetypal personality drives within your psyche – conscious and unconscious.
  • the psychological atmosphere during your childhood and within your family background.
  • an understanding of the psychological inheritance you have received from your parents/ancestors.
  • where you seek self expression and have natural talents.
  • your path towards an integrated whole-self.
  • insight into your mythical and archetypal sub personalities.

Natal Charts
  • The natal birth chart, or horoscope, is a psychological map of your personality, like a mirror, or lens, to see yourself.
  • The constellation of stars in the heavens, at your birth time and place, reveal your abilities, talents, challenging issues, key lessons and themes in your individual life path.
  • An analysis of the natal chart gives an overview perspective of your potentials and profound insight into dealing with problematic issues in your life.
  • It equips you to become more aware of choices you have.
  • Astrology reveals what is happening to you now, why you have attracted certain experiences and relationships which have underlying themes and patterns.
  • Metaphysically, astrology illuminates the relationship between emotion, mind and the body.

More about Astrology
  • Astrology is a holistic science/art which studies the synchronicity between the positions of planets and stars and events on earth in order to attain a true understanding of past and present circumstances affecting our day to day lives.
  • It is based on the concept that the universe and everything in it is one enormous ‘whole’, and that each individual part is interdependently related to all the other parts – what affects one part affects all parts.
  • By analysing the relationships between the planets and stars we are able to make deductions about people, their lives and their potential, thus helping them adapt to their current circumstances and assisting them in making the most of any future opportunities.

Predictive techniques

  • Predictive techniques using transits, progressions and solar returns, show your relationship with time.
  • They indicate what you are learning during this phase of your life, this month, this week, this year.

Relationship charts

  • Synastry, in Astrology, is a technique comparing your chart with that of another, particularly understanding the chemistry in close partnerships.
  • A composite chart reveals your dynamics together, as do intra-aspects between your chart and a partner’s chart, as well as revealing the types of people you are drawn to.

Timing is everything

  • Astrology can be used to predict the potentiality of future trends and experiences that you can attract to yourself which you experience in the outer world and in your interior personal life, feelings and thoughts.
  • All cycles have unique process. The Universe is constantly moving and evolving and so are you. Astrology reveals your relationship to the big picture. It reveals the best way to use what you’ve got to get what you want, as well as the most appropriate timing to achieve results.
  • Electional charts indicate the best time for a wedding, opening a business or launching any important enterprise. Optimum timing increases the odds of success.

Where on earth?

  • What’s the best place on earth for you?
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy indicates the effects that different places have on you.
  • Your personal planet lines on earth show the best place to live, find the right mate, do business, realise success with your career/vocation
  • It can also indicate locations to avoid.
Astrocartography Maps

Astrocartography lines are based on your natal birth chart, they reveal your relationship to the earth. At the moment of your birth, the planets in the heavens were rising, or setting, in relation to where you were born.

If you were born at the same time at a different location on earth, you would have the same planets in the same signs, but they would be in different houses and the emphasis on ‘rising’ and ‘descending’ planets would change, and others would become more influential in your personality and potential life experience.

If you travel, or choose to reside in other cities or countries, your chart is ‘relocated’, and changes accordingly. Correspondingly, the dynamics of your chart alters from that of your natal birth chart positions.

For example: Going to live on a ‘Sun Line’, you raise your potential for creativity, self projection, increased vitality, uniqueness. Women living on Sun lines, meet men who have a strong attraction for them.

Another way of applying astrocartography lines is to have association with people, the culture, information or products, who/which come from the locality longitude/latitudes of these potent lines.
Outline of potential influences of astrocartography lines:

Sun Enhanced vitality and health. Confidence, increased creativity, self-affirming potential. Your unique individuality is optimised and recognised. Your personality can shine. Strong connections with men.

Moon Feminine instincts heightened. Nurturing self or others. Increased sensitivity. Moodiness, love of comfort, fertility. Emotionality and arousal of feelings. Strong connection with women.

Mercury All forms of communication, networking and marketing. Study, teaching, promotions, publishing, media, contracts, business. Intellectual endeavour, all mental work involving spoken, written, recorded information, or new media.

Venus Aesthetic, sensual and erotic arousal. Sensitivity to the arts, entertainment and experiences of pleasure. Romance, love, and a heightened sense of self worth. High potential to attract money and resources. Attraction to female archetypes.

Mars Self assertion and courageous acts. Primal raw power sensations. Sexual arousal, anger and heated emotion. Potential of danger resulting from aggression, violence and accidents. Athletic and competitive. Attraction to male archetypes.

Jupiter Expansion, growth and opportunity. Philosophical and religious interests. Association with people in authority or upper classes. Study, education, learning experiences and institutions. Legal dealings, international business, publicity, promotions and all forms of communication. General prosperity, growth and ‘good luck’. Wealth and materialism.

Saturn Discipline, structure, management and concrete achievement. Seriousness, concentration endurance, hard working, ambition. Dealing with issues of authority. Inhibition, loneliness, restrictions. Tradition, older people.

Uranus Awakened consciousness, flashes of insight. Group activities, unusual, bizarre experiences. Involvement with technology. Love of freedom. Independent action. Progressive new ideas. Impulsive, rebellious, revolutionary, nervousness, emotional tension.

Neptune Transcendental, otherworldly experiences. Spiritual and mystical sensations. Psychic euphoria. Impressionability, sympathetic, compassionate understanding of others. The arts, music, fantasy, imagination, deception, illusion, fraud, tricksters. The influence of drugs.

Pluto Deep transformational experiences. Getting in touch with hidden energies. Power plays, manipulation. Big business and finance. Death and rebirth. Sexuality. Invisible forces or powers. The urge to influence the masses. Megalomania.

Node Fated contact and urge to unite with others. Association and alliances. Meetings and communications. Karmic point, life lessons.

Chiron Getting in touch with old wounds, hidden feelings, energy patterns. Attaining self empowerment through expanded self awareness which certain life experiences trigger. Embracing the ‘wounded healer’ dynamic.

History of Astrology

  • Since everything that affected our earliest ancestors seemed to come from the heavens – the sun which controlled the seasons, light, rain, wind, snow, thunder and lightning, the moon affecting the tides etc. – it is not difficult to understand primitive man’s passionate curiosity about the heavens.
  • As man continued to observe, he associated certain properties or attributes with the planets and stars relationships to each other, properties which seemed to exert a lasting influence on the person born under them.
  • Although Astrology was developed independently, at different times and in different cultures, the association between the properties of certain planets and the Gods they were named for, were very nearly identical – Mars ruling strength, action, war, violence, sex… Jupiter ruling religion, belief, philosophy, law, Venus ruling love, marriage, relationships, creativeness, arts…
  • Interestingly, over a period of several thousand years, Astrologers have never attempted to modify or change the properties or values traditionally used in the charts. When methods are universally accepted, without question by many thousands of practitioners over many thousands of years it would indicate that they must work.
  • Astrological symbology can be found in ancient Egyptian mythology and Egyptian Astrological charts have been accurately dated to 4240 BC.
  • Astrology has been studied by the great philosophers such as Pythagoras, Aristotle and Hippocrates, later, in the middle ages, the Astrologers were usually Doctors and Physicians. During the renaissance most of the great minds studied Astrology: Cardan, Paracelus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo…

The Horoscope

  • The Horoscope, or Natal Chart, as it is referred to by Astrologers, is a map of the Solar System in relation to the Earth as it would be seen from the birth location at the moment of birth.
  • It notes the position of the Ascendant – the zodiace and degree that is rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, and then the Medium Coeli (MC or Midheaven), the degree of the Zodiac that is at the highest point above the horizon.
  • From these ‘angles’ the sings and degrees of the chart divisions (cusps of houses) are calculated.
  • The Sun, Moon and planets are then placed in their respective signs and houses.
  • Finally the aspects (the geometric angles) as seen from earth, between any planet and another planet or angle are calculated.
  • The Natal chart is as individual and unique as a fingerprint and describes in minute detail the potential of the person it was erected for. Free will is still the deciding factor regarding the way in which a person’s potential is expressed. Even on those occasions when an event seems unavoidable, Astrology can assist in preparing for it.
  • Astrological Charts have other applications such as:
    • Electional Astrology – used to determine the most favourable time to begin something, a business, a marriage, a trip, a partnership…
    • Medical Astrology ¬– used to diagnose and assist in treatment of illness or disease, in particular, chronic difficult to diagnose illness.
    • Mundane Astrology – used with regard to the affairs of large groups of people or nations as well as predicting and analysing world events.
    • Horary Astrology – used to answer questions.

Psychology and Astrology

  • Astrology, as practised today, has merged more with psychology in the last 30 years; it is far removed from Astrology, as practised until the turn of the century, and yet the basic structure and principles remain the same.
  • What the early Priest-Astrologers perceived in the planetary patterns to be the influence of God-like power, the Astrologer of today associates with drives and impulses rooted in the subconscious mind of his/her client, reflected in disposition, emotional response, general behaviour and early childhood conditioning.
  • Consultations: The individual’s Chart is explained along with symbolic archetypal energies that make up your sub-personalities. This highlights your potentialities.
  • Counselling: To resolve problematic areas and provide depth understanding to underlying patterns and psychological themes.
  • Therapy: On going counselling in which the Chart, concurrent with transits/progressions, accurately and succinctly reveals unconscious dynamics.